COMP Cams® Race XD™ .904” Bushed Solid Roller Lifters for GM LS Engines

Race XD™ Bushed Solid Roller Lifters from COMP Cams® are premium lifters, proven to be the strongest, most durable and versatile roller lifters available for GM LS engines.

COMP Cams® Race XD™ Bushed Solid Roller Lifter sets feature a lightweight modular design with interchangeable pushrod seats. Lifter sets come standard with centered seats but can be swapped for optional .090” and .180” offset seats to clear even the largest intake ports and create less deflection in the valve train while properly fitting both 5/16” and 3/8” ball pushrods.

For superior durability in extreme operating conditions, COMP Cams® incorporates a proprietary bronze alloy roller wheel bushing, while an oversized captured link bar connects to the individual lifters. In an effort to eliminate the most common source of roller lifter failures, COMP Cams® developed a new oiling system that ensures consistent roller wheel and axle lubrication. REM-finished bodies create an extra smooth surface for reduced lifter body and lifter bore wear.

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About COMP Cams®

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