CPG Promises World Class Service With #NoCOMParison

COMP Performance Group is sparing no cost or effort to ramp up customer service for 2018 and beyond. This is all part of the “Performance That Extends Beyond the Product” initiative that includes:

  • A renewed commitment to world class customer service
  • An elevated training standards for unrivaled staff tech knowledge
  • The largest support team in the performance aftermarket
  • An unmatched product quality and warranty promise
  • A pledge to treat every customer as the most important

Looking to the future, the company’s pledge is to never forget who has made us what we are today, or rest on our past accomplishments. It is our promise to you, our customer, that we will strive EVERY DAY to be better than we were yesterday and do “Whatever It Takes” to exceed your expectations. We will settle for nothing less than being the most customer friendly and service focused aftermarket company in the world.

“The product is always important,” says CPG Chief Operating Officer Chris Douglas. “But there’s so much more than just the product, and that’s the service, that’s the experience, that is trying to help you solve your problem. That’s really what the tagline means. In complete candor, we’re going back to the foundation that formed COMP Cams. For many, many years, COMP was known as the company that exceeded expectations. Honestly, we got away from that. It just happens in life; you experience success, sometimes you lose your way, your direction. We lost our way. But, we’re here to say we’re back now. We’re gonna put customers first.”