Customer Spotlight: Ed Kiebler and his 1965 Chevelle


The detail and fit-n-finish of Ed’s car is impeccable, and even things like the hood hinges were addressed. He is quick to thank Kurts’ Kustoms in Festus, Missouri, for putting all of the pieces together, along with completely plumbing and wiring the car. The use of red and black paint is tasteful and balanced, and it sits just right. The car’s power and suspension are matched by a comfortable interior that blends classic form and modern function. In the end, it’s a clean Chevelle done right.

When he stopped by the COMP Cams world headquarters in Memphis, we knew we had to shoot it. So many of our products go out into the world, and the guys on both ends of the phones become friends. It’s always a treat to see what they’ve done with them and the end results of their efforts. Our products in motion is what it’s all about. If you see Ed and his red Chevelle on a Power Tour, be sure and take a minute to check it out.

Below is a peek at the progress, including the first car that Ed had to replace with a more solid one purchased from a friend.