Cut-to-Fit FireWires for Your Custom GM Build

Not every build is the same, not even in physical configuration. With swaps placing engines in all kinds of different angles, and even accessories getting in the way, a lot of people have found that the off-the-shelf spark plug wires are not the right length to work in their engine bay. That’s why cut-to-fit spark plug wires have become so popular for non-stock builds. 

The highly advanced FAST® FireWire® spark plug wires offer you cut-to-fit convenience with high-performance characteristics in a 9mm wire with 15 ohms of resistance. These wire sets are ideal of boosted and high-compression builds. 

These extra long wires have preassembled coil ends, and only the spark plug end needs to be assembled once cut. Learn the full rundown on the tech on these wires on the FAST® here.

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