FAST EZ-EFI Fuel 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L, 6-Cylinder Kits

Memphis, TN – The latest evolution of the entry level, self tuning Jeep EFI system from FAST maintains all of the functionality and ease of use of the original, with improvements to the throttle body, hand-held, electronics and harness.
jeep efiThe next generation of the world’s simplest self tuning fuel injection system for older Jeep applications is here. The FAST EZ-EFI Jeep kit is designed specifically for 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L, 6-cylinder applications and includes a linkage kit, enabling plug-and-play compatibility with Jeep accelerator cables and transmission kickdown cables. The Jeep systems also feature a new die cast and black powdercoated, two-injector, four-barrel throttle body with an integrated fuel rail. It provides even better fuel distribution and more airflow than the original. Based on the EZ-EFI 2.0 Fuel + Ignition design, it is made in the USA and utilizes a secondary idle stop to help with idle adjustment.

A color touchscreen hand-held also features a new-and-improved Setup Wizard. The intuitive program asks a few basic questions and then the EZ-EFI Fuel System tunes itself as the user drives either on the highway or off-road. No laptop or previous tuning experience is required. The hand-held itself features a variety of display dashes, a clean and easy-to-use interface and an LED indicator that can alert users to any error (including overheating) or be used as a shift light. Finally, an updated wiring harness features premium loom, added protective fuses and a streamlined design, while the ECU hardware has been upgraded to provide added protection against electrical/ignition noises and hardware damage. FAST EZ-EFI Fuel kits for Jeep applications are available in throttle body injection designs with or without fuel pumps.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST EZ-EFI Fuel 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L, 6-Cylinder Kits

Part Number:

Part Number: #30294-06KIT(Jeep Base Kit); #30296-06KIT (Jeep Master Kit, In-Tank Fuel Pump); #30295-06KIT (Master Kit, Inline Fuel Pump)

Street Price: Call for Pricing

Social Media Pitch: New FAST EZ-EFI Fuel self tuning systems for Jeeps update original version & maintain ease of use + allow plug-and-play compatibility

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes linkage kit for compatibility w/ Jeep accelerator & trans kickdown cables
  • 2-Injector, 4-barrel throttle body provides better fuel distribution & flows more air than original
  • Setup Wizard asks a few basic questions & tunes as user drives w/out requiring a laptop
  • Easy-to-use hand-held features a color touch screen w/ multiple display dashes & an LED indicator for a wide variety of uses
  • Updated wiring harness utilizes premium loom, protective fuses & a streamlined design
  • Offered in throttle body injection designs with or without fuel pumps

View PDF: FAST EZ-EFI Fuel 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L, 6-Cylinder Kits