FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System

Memphis, TN – The industry-leading carb-to-EFI fuel injection system is now available to handle the demands of boat applications.

FAST EFI systems have dominated the land for more than a decade and are now ready to take to the sea. The brand’s new self-tuning EZ-EFI Marine kit features the proven performance and reliability that comes standard in all of its self-tuning throttle body EFI systems. The marine system upgrades the poor starting and rough cold running often associated with boat engines running a carburetor, while improving overall performance, fuel economy and drivability.

The new marine option comes in an all-inclusive kit, down to every nut and bolt. Each kit includes a complete fuel, system, ECU, color touchscreen hand-held, specialized O2 sensor bung and a die cast 4150-style, four-injector throttle body that supports up to 650 horsepower.  It easily bolts on to engines using a 4150-style carburetor while allowing users to keep running their current ignition system. An integrated fuel rail design and crossover allow for tight packaging, and the system utilizes the fewest connection wires of any self-tuning EFI system on the market. The hand-held unit features a sleek design and serves as a Setup Wizard as well as an electronic gauge screen. Kits are available with our without an inline fuel system, with packages designed specifically for Mercury Marine installation also available. The FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System is powder-coated blue with a laser-etched FAST logo.

Quick Facts

 Product: FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System

Part Number: #30362-06KIT (Base Kit); #30363-06KIT (Inline Kit); #30364-06KIT (Mercury Marine Base Kit); #30365-06KIT (Mercury Marine Inline Kit)

Street Price: #30362-06KIT ($1,967.43); #30363-06KIT ($2,393.36); #30364-06KIT ($1,967.43); #30365-06KIT ($2,393.36)

 Social Media Pitch: The FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System brings the best-performing & simplest EFI option to boat engines

 Features & Benefits:

  • Complete self-tuning kit provides improved cold starting, cold running, idle quality & gas mileage
  • 4150-Style, self-contained throttle body easily bolts on & supports up to 650 HP
  • Color touchscreen hand-held serves as both a Setup Wizard & electronic gauge screen
  • Base & inline fuel pump kits available for both built & Mercury Marine engines

View the PDF: FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System