FAST FireWire Cut-To-Fit Spark Plug Wire Sets for GM LS Coils

The latest FAST® FireWire® Cut-to-Fit Wire Set provides high performance with a customizable length for LS coils in stock or non-stock locations.

At 9mm in diameter and with 15 ohms per foot resistance, the wires are ideal for boosted applications and high-compression engines. A reactive core design reduces electro-magnetic (EMI) interference, while a silicone-on-silicone sleeve offers abrasion and heat resistance.

The wires come in extra-long lengths and feature pre-assembled coil ends for easy installation. Once the wire is cut to the needed length, only the spark plug end needs to be assembled. Wire sets are available with either 90-degree or 135/45-degree boots and include the FAST® braided fiberglass Heat Sleeve that are all made to withstand the high header heat common with LS engines.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST® FireWire® Cut-to-Fit Wire Set for LS Coils

Part Number: 295-2423 (90° Boot); 295-2422 (135/45° Boot)

Price: $159.95

Social Media Pitch: FAST® FireWire® Cut-to-Fit Wire Sets provides high performance with a customizable length for LS coils in stock or non-stock locations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extra-long cut-to-fit wires with pre-terminated coil end for custom routing and professional quality install appearance
  • 9mm wires provide less resistance for more power at the spark plug
  • Thick, high-temp sheathing for inner core protection
  • Reactive core reduces EMI interference
  • High temp upgraded boots for durability
  • Heat shrink secures sheathing at boot

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