FAST Gen V LT1 Spark Plug Wire Sets Provide 5-Minute Ignition System Upgrade

New FAST FireWire spark plug wire sets make it easy for owners of Gen V LT1-powered Camaros or Corvettes to upgrade their ignition in just 5 minutes. They have been custom engineered for perfect fitment and performance.

Featuring industry-best 8.5mm ignition wire with a low resistance at 25 ohms/ft, FireWire plug wire sets maximize electrical energy flow to the spark plugs, providing the hotter spark needed in applications with upgrades like high-flow air intakes, custom programming and especially forced induction. An advanced reactive core wire design also provides electro-magnetic “noise” suppression, so radio, computer and other important electronic controls run smoothly and without interference. Additionally, premium heat-sleeved wire sets are available that provide added protection from high underhood temps, 1200 deg. F rated.

Product: FAST® FireWire® Spark Plug Wire Sets for GM Gen V Engines

Part Numbers: 255-2421 (non-sleeved), 295-2421 (heat-sleeved)

Street Price: $59.95 – $74.95

Social Media Pitch: FAST® FireWire® GM Gen V LT1 Spark Plug Wire Sets provide the hot spark needed to boost power gains from bolt-on upgrades

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom engineered for GM Gen V LT1 engines for quick install and perfect fitment
  • Low resistance at 25 ohms/ft. for the hottest spark possible
  • Electro-magnetic “noise” suppression design eliminates electronic interference
  • Heat-sleeved wire set offers additional protection up to 1,200 degrees