FAST Long Reach Coil Wire Kit Expands Coil Location Options

Pt# 235-0006: Heat-Sleeved Kit

If you’ve ever done an engine swap and wanted to put your ignition coil in just the right spot, or hoped to clean up the engine bay by remote mounting your coil behind the firewall, you’ve probably run into a coil wire being too short.

FAST has solved this problem with their 45” Long Reach Coil Wire Kits. Pre-terminated and ready to use out of the box, these kits also include extra terminals and boots for fitment to any style coil/distributor, or for trimming to any needed length. Stainless steel and solid brass, double-crimped terminals supply max spark energy to the coil. The kits are available with or without a heat sleeve that offers additional protection up to 1200 degrees.