FAST® Supercharger & Cam Power Packages for GM Gen III/IV LS Engines

An Edelbrock® Supercharger Kit and COMP Cams® Cam Kit is the perfect pairing for performance enthusiasts looking for 850+ HP potential from their GM LS engines.

The ultimate solution for engine swaps and serious performance applications, FAST® has put together the first ever supercharger and valve train packages from two of the automotive aftermarket’s biggest brands – Edelbrock® and COMP Cams®. The FAST® engineering team extensively dyno tested various combinations of camshaft specs, valve springs and supercharger pulleys to optimize the power and efficiency of the Edelbrock® superchargers. Dyno testing on a stock head 6.2L LS3 engine produced over 850 HP when running with E85 fuel.

The FAST® Supercharger & Cam Power Packages include a pump gas friendly supercharger pulley for engine break-in, initial tuning and general performance driving, while a smaller pulley is also included when maximum power is desired on race fuel or E85. For those wishing to further fine tune boost levels, additional pulley sizes are available. Packages include the basics required to install the supercharger, but necessary accessory items such as fuel injectors, air intakes and heat exchanger pumps are left up to the installer, providing total flexibility for custom installations.

The Edelbrock® Supercharger Kits include a 2300 TVS supercharger w/ integrated intercooler. The intercooler is a high capacity, dual bar and plate design that enables major power gains through lower inlet air charge temps.

Also included are COMP Cams® application specific cam kits that contain state of the art Low Shock Technology™ Camshafts designed specifically for supercharger applications, along with perfectly matched pushrods, valve springs, retainers, locks, seats and seals. Available for GM Gen III/IV LS1/LS2/LS3 applications – see the application chart on the following page for specific kit contents.

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