FAST Tests XFI Sportsman in Lucas Oil Modified

Dave Arce is at the forefront of the electronic fuel injection revolution. The Southern California racer and proprietor of Arce Engines in El Cajon has helped make FAST EZ-EFI a legal fuel delivery system in the Lucas Oil Modified Series.

With EFI now a staple in the both the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and the ARCA Racing Series, the time is ripe for the technology to make its way into Saturday night short track racing on asphalt and dirt.

FAST Sales Manager David Page recently visited Havasu 95 Speedway in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to provide Arce with a product support and tuning during a test session of the new and revolutionary FAST XFI Sportsman system.

Temperatures reached the triple digits during Page’s visit, but the test went on as planned and all in attendance gained valuable insight. West Coast drivers Kyle Cline and Kyle Gottula both spent time behind the wheel.

XFI Sportsman

An installed FAST EFI system.

“I am happy that we were able to demonstrate that the XFI Sportsman kit offers both great power as well as great manners in areas below wide open throttle,” Page said.

By looking at data logs, Page realized that one of the drivers never got above 66% throttle in the Modified supplied by Creevan Racing.

“I saw firsthand how wide open throttle performance is not always as important as crisp midrange response,” Page said.

Arce expressed his gratitude regarding Page’s willingness to brave the extreme heat in the name of EFI progress.

“My goal to bring the EFI system is alive and well due to the COMP Performance Group’s commitment to stand by its product and support Arce Race Engines and the Lucas Oil Modifieds,” Arce said. “Words cannot describe the effort that took place in 116-degree temperatures with so many great people.”

Arce hopes to not only provide additional sales for FAST products, but also to use FAST to set the standard for EFI in short track racing.


Arizona in June is really, really hot.

And although Page is a native of Memphis, a place not known for cool temperatures, his time in the Arizona desert was an experience he will not soon forget.

“After the test at Lake Havasu I understand why they make 70 SPF sunscreen,” he said.