FAST XR-i Points Conversion Kit Improves Classic Vehicle Performance, Drivability

Memphis, TN – Users can benefit from modern day, digital technology with the FAST XR-i Replacement Module included in a new points conversion kit. This system will do away with points setting and float, which can rob engines of power and performance at high RPM.

The XR-i is a compact module that bolts directly in place of the breaker point assembly. It triggers from the factory cam lobe, meaning there are only two wires to connect during installation. The microcontroller of the module manages the signal and dwell time in the coil to produce a much higher output spark than the factory version. This will improve the performance and drivability of classic vehicles. A built-in rev limiter also protects engines in the event of driveline failure or a missed shift.

The XR-i kit is designed for classic Chevrolet, Ford, Oldsmobile and Pontiac V8 applications. It may be optionally used with the FAST PS20 Coil to enhance the output of the factory ignition system. Thanks to CARB E.O. D-225-67, the FAST XR-I Points Conversion Kit is also 50-state legal.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST XR-i Points Conversion Kit

Part Number: Application Specific (See Chart)

Street Price: $62.88 — $101.53

Social Media Pitch: The FAST XR-i Points Conversion Kit improves the performance & drivability of classic vehicles thanks to producing a much higher output spark

Features & Benefits:

  • The easiest points upgrade available
  • Triggers from factory cam lobe with precision timing
  • Increases spark output for improved drivability
    Simple 2-wire connection retains factory appearances
  • Allows user to set an engine-saving rev limit