FAST® XR Series Coils for GM Gen V LT Engines

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Memphis, TN – New FAST® XR Series Coils for GM Gen V LT engines offer 15% – 20% more spark energy than stock coils.

The coils are constructed from premium, ultra-pure copper alloy windings, resulting in firing performance approaching 50,000 peak volts. Tested to 8,000+ RPM and almost 1,500 HP, the FAST® XR Series Ignition Coils have been proven to perform in some of the harshest street and race engine environments.

Legal in all 50 states, these coils do not affect emissions and can be installed without any additional modifications. The FAST® XR Series Coils are ideal for any street or racing application where reliable, powerful ignition output is needed.

To place an order or get more information, call our tech line at 1.877.334.8355 M-F 7 am-8 pm CST.

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About FAST®

In 2001, FAST® was acquired by the COMP Performance Group™ and moved its headquarters to Memphis, TN, to become the popular electronics company that we know today. After more than a decade in the performance aftermarket industry, FAST® is the recognized leader in advanced EFI technology. Now, not only does FAST® offer the components to adapt virtually any engine to fuel injection, it is also an emerging force in the ignition market. With the latest in easy-to-use electrical components, the experts at FAST® have everything that you need to make high-tech horsepower. 

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