Spintron Testing Explained

Creating reliable, repeatable horsepower, using Spintron Testing

Want to know more about Spintron testing? In this tech video, Mark Campbell takes us inside the secret COMP Cams R&D area to talk with Valvetrain Engineer, Billy Godbold about all things Spintron. The discussion includes what it is and why it is important, and wraps with some cool talk about things that have been previously. Spoiler alert–awesome Spintron footage at the end!

For more videos, visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/COMPCams and here are a few other articles you may be interested in: https://www.cpgnation.com/tech-faqs-reference/top-10-cam-failure-culprits/ or https://www.cpgnation.com/new-products/low-shock-technology-in-your-ls-camshaft/

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