Made for Boost: FAST® LSXHR™ 103mm Intake Manifold

High horsepower builds, whether naturally aspirated or boosted, require more airflow velocity and better aimed fuel spray to make maximum power. This is best accomplished with a tunnel ram-style intake, but because tunnel ram-style intake manifolds are made from aluminum, causing heat sink, they can quickly rob power. 

The solution to this is made simple, thanks to FAST®, by the industries first polymer tunnel ram-style intake manifold for LS3 (rectangular port) and LS7 (raised port) engines. Featuring tall removable velocity stacks (short and medium stacks sold separately), reversible top to allow for firewall facing throttle body installations, and custom fuel rails and necessary hardware, the FAST®LSXHR™103mm Intake Manifold not only eliminates heat sink but will also give your build up to 30 more horsepower between 5,000 and 7,500 RPM. 

Rated for up to 45 PSI of boost, the FAST® LSXHR™103mm Intake Manifold was created with boosted applications in mind and even has two nitrous nozzle bosses per runner for clean and easy direct port system installations.

For more information visit the FAST® site here. 

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