Nitrous on an LS: How Does It Distribute?

When it comes time to install a nitrous kit on a 6.0-liter LS engine, it’s time to enlist the help from the experts over at ZEX. In this episode of Speed Secrets, the question is not whether or not nitrous works, that has been answered in many tests prior, but does nitrous distribute evenly when in use – that’s the answer this test is searching for today.

If you look inside a factory 6.0-liter intake manifold, it’s easy to see why there would be some concern – the design makes you wonder how much air is even getting through to each cylinder! To find out if nitrous and fuel are getting through that intake manifold and to the cylinders evenly, it’s time to put a test engine to work, not only that, eight individual oxygen sensors are put to work to find out.

One oxygen sensor is going on each of the primary tubes of the headers. Doing it this way, the air fuel ratio of each individual cylinder can be measured. Doing it like this, all the data can be compared to show if it’s getting fed evenly.

Before nitrous, the 6.0-liter test engine produced 430-horsepower and 457 lbs-ft of torque. After the initial test, a ZEX efi kit is installed. The single fogger nozzle was designed to flow both nitrous and fuel into the engine. This improved the power outlet to 535-horsepower and 520 lbs-ft of torque. On top of that, it flowed just as evenly as it did before nitrous.