One Man’s Quest for a FAST-er Porsche

The world of the Porsche is divided between the purists and the racers. One group wants to keep them all preserved in their factory form, and the other celebrates their heritage in motorsports. But, making fast cars faster will always be a constant, and through the years, tuners such as Singer, Magnus Walker, RUF, Lindsey Racing and Rogue have made names for themselves doing just that. Their unique creations are sought out by collectors and driving enthusiasts alike.

Enter one more competitor to the arena: Brian Bergeron, founder of Widerstandsfahig. His intent is to produce a pure, adrenaline-filled driving experience with these exclusive Widebody Porsche Outlaws. This means no digital nannies, a seat, a steering wheel, big contact patches and plenty of horsepower. “Active Traction Control” is the driver’s brain.

Custom-designed sticker sums up Brian’s philosophy on digital driving nannies.

Custom-designed sticker sums up Brian’s philosophy on digital driving nannies.

All modifications are made with weight savings and performance in mind. While not intended to be show cars, each Widerstandsfahig to date has been an award winner. Brian’s red racer even picked up the coveted “Best Engineered Award” at the 2017 Chicago WekFest. For those questioning performance, Brian is an avid autocrosser and the two flavors, Street Edition and Track Edition, are built to perform at top levels.

Brian had a 944 in high school and quickly added a 50-HP nitrous kit to perk things up. After working his way through off-road trucks, mountain bike racing and life in general, he found himself researching kart racing. In his search, he ran across a V8-swapped 944 online. Remembering how the rear-mounted transaxle allowed his old car to handle like a go-kart, he knew the added power of a V8 would be a huge rush.

He changed search gears and found another V8-swapped 944 for sale at a very fair price. With his name on the title, he tried his hand at autocross, and that was it. The excitement of pushing a car to the limits, legally, and the entry-level affordability hooked him hard. In no time, his car was dialed in for corner-carving and doing quite well in the local arena.

However, once he ventured to some of the larger events, he was exposed to more purpose-built machines. His car, while competitive, was still street legal and had a full interior. Weight savings is key, and the more successful cars had been put on serious diets to be within the ragged edge of the class specs. Since Brian was there to win, the only solution was to build himself a race car.

This spawned his own company that turns donor cars into all-out widebody screamers that go as well as they look. Widerstandsfahig 944s are hand-built cars, each one designed and built by Brian with proprietary handmade body panels, exclusive wheels and factory Porsche paint codes. Street and Track edition cars are available, the latter being as close to the edge of the X-Prepared class rules as possible. From the Lexan windows to the gutted doors, each component has been maximized for weight reduction and performance.

All components were put on a diet. Gutted doors weight less than 20 lbs, and windows are Lexan.

All components were put on a diet. Gutted doors weight less than 20 lbs, and windows are Lexan.

While Porsches make plenty of power, and upgrades are always possible, the durable, aluminum LS6 platform makes buckets of effortless torque and power for half the price. Brian seeks out aluminum block GM LS series engines, which offer no weight penalty when replacing the Porsche 4-cylinder. He designed his 500 HP engines using the Virtual Engine Dyno software and calls upon Texas Speed for go-fast parts and Renegade Hybrids for conversion kits.

Together, they have worked out a package of CNC heads, a COMP Cams Torque V2 cam, and FAST EFI with an LSXr intake and 92mm Big Mouth Throttle Body. Brian says while sheet metal intakes can be found in V8-swapped competition cars, he feels the composite material of the FAST intake reduces the potential of power-robbing heat sinkage experienced with aluminum. He even takes it a step further and polishes and details the the internal components of the manifold.

Putting the power to the ground is a Koni coilover suspension with Eibach springs, hollow sway bars, Brembo brakes and his signature three-piece wheels with optional titanium hardware. He also seam-welds the chassis for rigidity and moves the fuel cell and battery into a bulkhead in the passenger seat location, for weight balance on the track car.

Each car gets a special rear wing with distinctive end plate designs and Brian’s own hand-laid widebody panels. His experience in construction and general contracting has given him a useful range of skills that allows him full control over every aspect of building his cars. He even designed the wheel centers, which are stress-analyzed by an engineer friend and whittled out of 50-lb billets of 6061 aluminum by another buddy.

His body kits are aerodynamically inspired, yet intended to retain the essence and “bull dog stance” of the 944, particularly in the arched wheel openings and curved flowing lines, versus straight panels used by others. In the end, he hopes these widebody outlaws pay tribute to Porsche design while putting a huge smile on the owner’s face.