RHS® 24-Degree Aluminum Intake Manifolds for Big Block Chevy Applications

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Memphis, TN – New RHS® 24-Degree Aluminum Intake Manifolds for BBC Applications are proven to outperform competing products on the market.

These manifolds are designed for maximum airflow and power with a 4500 Dominator-style carburetor flange. Engineered to fit most 24-degree style race cylinder heads, RHS® took additional efforts to ensure excellent port matching when paired with RHS® Big Block Chevrolet cylinder heads. These manifolds are available in both carb and EFI versions and offer excellent performance for drag racing and marine applications.

Featuring a single-plane design, they utilize individual runner dividers for excellent throttle response and exceptional torque. Available for both short and tall deck blocks, all versions utilize a standard BBC distributor – there is no need for a slip collar distributor or special distributor for tall deck engines. They feature auxiliary water ports, an integral water crossover and dual distributor hold-down pads. Ports for water lines are also provided at all four corners.

RHS® also teamed up with sister brand FAST® to create a revolutionary EFI version of the manifold that features port angle optimized injector bung mounting and machining, which angles the injectors to point directly at the valve. In addition, the EFI manifolds feature integral sensor mounting points to improving function, fitment and packaging. 

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Founded in 1967, Racing Head Service® began exclusively as a manufacturer of racing cylinder heads. Over the years, RHS® grew into an integrated racing company, offering complete turn-key engines and race car parts via mail order. With innovative cylinder head designs and porting techniques, the company became a performance icon in both circle track and drag racing. RHS® is now a proud member of the COMP Performance Group™ with the industry’s largest and most advanced airflow technology team that produces both aftermarket cylinder heads and engine blocks.

For more information about RHS® and its products, visit us online at www.racingheadservice.com or call us at 1.877.776.4323. Also follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/RacingHeadService or on Twitter at twitter.com/RHSWins, or visit our YouTube channel at CPGNationTV.com.

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