Speed Secrets: Are Cams and Boost a Perfect Match?

Blowers and turbos are installed on a 327 Small Block Ford to see how they pair with a mild COMP cam in this episode of Speed Secrets.

Richard Holdener with Speed Secrets and Comp Cams teamed up to test a camshaft for a naturally aspirated small block Ford and to see what kind of reaction it had to boost. 

For the cam test the team assembled a 327 stroker small block Ford engine and equipped it with a Comp cam, set of aluminum Edelbrock heads and a dual plane intake. The camshaft used from Comp Cams, part number 35-514-8, had a mild .544/.555 lift, 216/224 duration and a 112 LSA. 

The first run on the dyno proved the naturally aspirated stroker SBF to be healthy and just begging for boost, as after dialing in the timing and air/fuel ratio, the 327 Ci Ford engine made 392 HP and 386 Ft-Lb of torque. To figure out the best form of delivery for that boost, Richard and the team ran it with three different designs of forced induction- A Roots supercharger, Centrifugal supercharger and a Turbocharger. 

Starting with a 174 Roots blower, the team headed back to the dyno. The cammed SBF obviously liked the boost from the Roots blower, as the power output jumped to 534 HP and 513 Ft-Lb of torque. Curious if the cam would work as well with a Centrifugal supercharger, Richard got the 327 stroker hooked up and gave it another chance at the dyno where the engine received another bump in power for a total of 624 HP and 565 Ft-Lb of torque. With a good idea of where this was going, for the final test a Turbo was installed. Making 601 HP and 617 Lb-Ft of torque, the N/A SBF, without a doubt liked that boost as well and proved the right camshaft works well naturally aspirated or with boost whether from a supercharger or a turbo.