Speed Secrets: Choosing the Right Cam for a 347 Ford Engine

Having a 347 cubic inch stroker Ford means you can do more with your cam, but picking one out can be tricky, Richard Holdener is here to help.

Richard Holdener at Speed Secrets once again teams up with Comp Cams to build a mean small block stroker Ford engine. What makes a stroker engine unique is the increased length in stroke, which increases displacement and accelerates the piston away from top dead canter muck quicker, and because of this it will require special consideration when it comes to choosing the right camshaft for a 347Ci stroker Ford. 

Because displacement tends to tame cam timing, the larger displacement achieved by the lengthened stroke allows the ability to run a wilder cam, and the increase in the velocity of the stoke, for optimum use, requires revised cam timing. With these two things in mind, Comp Cams designed a camshaft specifically for small block Ford stroker applications. Comps XFI Stroker Cam series includes two camshafts. The smaller, XFI236HR-14 features a .579 lift and 236/248 duration with a 114 LSA, which is more than adequate for this application, a 347 stroker with ported heads, and a larger grind for 392,408, and 427 strokers. At the dyno, this build proved that picking the right cam makes all the difference, with a 441 HP @ 6,500 RPM and 406 Lb-Ft @ 5,000 RPM pull. 

Now with a solid naturally aspirated 347Ci stroker Ford and a little help from Zex, the team tries to bridge the gap between unruly and wild with a little shot of nitrous. The perimeter plate kit from Zex included a perimeter plate with 12 individual injection points and adjustable jetting, high flow solenoids, and necessary hardware. After dialing in the fuel pressure and the nitrous pressure, the 150 shot put the small block stroker at over 600 HP with a 612 HP and 574 Lb-Ft run on the dyno. Comp Cams has made it simple to pick the right cam with their XFI series camshafts and serious power gains are made so easy with nitrous kits from Zex.