Speed Secrets: Combining a Big Block Chevy with Nitrous Means Big Power

When you add nitrous to a Big Block Chevy, the gains are big! Richard Holdener puts this to the test in this episode of Speed Secrets. 

As far as naturally aspirated power, it’s hard to beat a Stroker Big Block Chevy, especially one with a nice hearty camshaft from Comp Cams. The fun doesn’t have to stop there though. With a little throttle in a bottle, a healthy BBC can get real serious, real fast. To explore just how far a little nitrous can go when combined with a Stroker BBC, Richard Holdener with Speed Secrets and the guys at Zex teamed up. 

For a test engine, they started with a Stroker BBC. The forged internals ensured the BBC could handle the additional power from the Zex nitrous kit, while the CNC ProMaxx high flow heads and Comp solid roller cam, 300BR-14 with .652 lift, 255/262 duration, and 114 LSA, gave the 496ci BBC plenty of naturally aspirated power. On the dyno, the 496 BBC made 676 HP @ 6,300 RPM and 591 Lb-Ft of torque @ 5,300 RPM. With a solid base line under the belt, it was nitrous time. 

The Zex nitrous kit featured perimeter plate technology, high flow solenoids, and adjustable jetting, delivering a steady flow of nitrous with a very even spray pattern. Taking extra care, Richard ensured the proper bottle pressure, and added a Westech bottle warmer, then headed Back to the dyno. Before adding the nitrous, the BBC Stroker made real good power, but with nitrous the 496ci engine put out 859 HP @ 6,300 RPM and 769 Lb-Ft of torque @ 5,700 RPM proving there is no replacement for displacement except for when it comes to adding nitrous.