Speed Secrets: COMP Cams LS Rocker Arms Explained!

The rocker arms are often the most neglected part of an LS engine. That’s not to say that the factory LS rockers aren’t pretty good, they are a good design, but yours probably still need to be upgraded. Working with the experts at COMP Cams, we learn exactly why, and what COMP has to upgrade those rockers to.

There are times when the factory LS rockers work well, especially on a low mileage stock engine. However, if you’ve done any work to your LS, or if it’s getting up there in miles, it’s likely time to upgrade, or even replace your factory rockers. COMP Cams offers a large variety of rocker upgrades, from trunion kits, all the way up to brand new shaft rockers.

Watch as this video gives the summary of each of your options, and when you would want to upgrade.

Parts to explore from this video:

Trunnion Upgrade Kits
Upgraded OEM Rocker Arms
BSR Shaft Rocker System
Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms
Ultra Gold Rocker Arms
Shaft Mount Rocker System (Race)