Speed Secrets: Ford 302 Nitrous Distribution!

It’s time to work with the experts over at ZEX for another test, and you know what that means – nitrous! If you’ve ever wondered if the nitrous being sprayed into a 5.0L is evenly distributed, this will answer your questions. Of course nitrous works, but how well is it distributed on a long runner intake installed on a 5.0-liter engine?

While the 5.0-liter engine is a favorite of many builders and racers, it’s far from perfect. The long runner intake manifold has its obstacles snaking past the large cap distributor – creating uneven airflow for the cylinders it snakes past. This environment creates uneven airflow for all of the cylinders.

After installing heads, cam, and intake on the test engine, individual oxygen sensors are installed to test the distribution of nitrous and fuel. Before the juice, the engine makes 389-horsepower and 376 lbs/ft of torque. After the tune, it’s time for ZEX, which yields result of 518-horsepower and 517 lbs/ft of torque – that’s a major gain, but it was expected. What was a pleasant surprise is that the air fuel distribution barely changed with nitrous.