Speed Secrets: Making 1000hp From a 408 Stroker!

If you’ve been overlooking the little thing that go into modifying an engine, you’re missing the change to make big power. It’s true, it’s easy to make big power with big displacement combined with boost, but it’s not the time to overlook the supporting mods – things like fuel injectors, coil packs, and the camshaft, so let’s look at the big things, and follow up with the finishing touches.

Since, once again, combining big displacement with boost makes big power, that’s the plan for this LS. To take care of displacement, the Speed Secrets team assembled a 408 LS engine with forged internals. Topping the engine is a set of factory LS3 heads. Providing the boost is a Procharger centrifugal supercharger, and it’s accompanied by an air-to-water intercooler.

Now it’s time for the finishing touches, and the first being a COMP Cams camshaft with a .621/.625 lift with 235/251 duration, and 113 LSA. A FAST LSXR intake was teamed with the cam and 102mm throttle body. FAST also supplied the 89 lb fuel injectors and coil packs.

Up on the dyno, the engine before boost produced 552-horsepower and 529 lbs/ft of torque. Run with the supercharger and 14.4 PSI, the engine is capable of making 931-horsepower and 828 lbs/ft of torque. To get even more out of the engine, the boost was cranked up to 18.2 PSI and made 1,017-horsepower and 938 lbs/ft of torque. This goes to prove that a great engine means paying attention to all of the details!