Speed Secrets: Swapping a Cam in a Carbureted LS Crate Motor

A carbureted LS crate engine with a single pattern cam gets a camshaft swap on this episode of Speed Secrets with Richard Holdener.

Richard Holdener teamed up with Comp Cams to see just how much power can be gained by upgrading to a Dual Pattern cam.  

Starting with a carbureted LS Crate motor supplied by Blueprint Engines, that came equipped with a single pattern camshaft with .556 lift, 223 duration, and an LSA of 114 in an iron block with aluminum rectangular port heads. Richard finished the long block off with a street worthy dual plane intake and 4 barrel carburetor. He headed to the dyno where the engine proved itself with a 494 HP/ 457 LB-FT pull. 

When upgrading to a more aggressive camshaft, like Comp Cams part number 54-454-11, power gains in the top end are expected. But whats real nice about dual pattern camshafts is that they add power on the bottom end as well. Not only giving the engine more top end, but adding power throughout the power band for a more smooth and well balanced range of power. 

To put it to the test, the Comp camshaft with a .614/.624 lift, 227/243 duration and 113 LSA, was installed. The 6.0L then made 522 HP and 458 LB-FT. Adding a nearly 30 HP gain on the top end. The upgrade also gave the test engine an extra 10-12 LB-FT bump down low at 3,500 RPM, proving the right cam can make a big difference.