Speed Secrets: Why Build a 5.3L Stroker?

Can a junkyard 5.3-liter engine be transformed into a fire breathing 383 cubic inch stroker engine? It can if you have the right combo! Working with the experts at COMP Cams, the Speed Secrets crew manages to accomplish just that.

The 5.3-liter engine has become a very popular choice for builds and swaps, and for good reason – these engines are readily available, easy to work on, and there are tons of parts options for any build.

After grabbing a 5.3-liter engine to build, the engine got a set of headers to replace the stock manifolds and a FAST XFI setup, but was otherwise stock. Run in this manner, the engine dyno’ed at 355-horsepower and 381 lbs/ft of torque – not bad for a stock engine.

With this baseline, it wasn’t just time to install a set of heads, cam, or intake, it was time to go all in and build a stroker. Why not just install these parts? Because the bottom end limits what you can do, and the engine will end up in the 500 horsepower range, but this setup is looking to get into the 600 horsepower range.

With more displacement and wilder cam timing, the engine now can get more use out of a set of LS6 heads, a FAST LSXR intake, and healthy COMP camshaft with a .624 lift, 239/247 duration, and 114 LSA. The result is the desired range, with horsepower at 602 horsepower and 543 lbs/ft of torque.

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