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COMP Cams XD-A Adjustable Pushrods Designed To Reduce Weight, Improve Accuracy

COMP Cams XD-A Adjustable Pushrods let you accurately set lash or pre-load while using non-adjustable-style rockers.

Powerhouse Products GM LS Retrofit Valve Spring Seat/Guide Cutters Allow LS-Style...

Powerhouse Products GM LS Retrofit Valve Spring Seat/ Guide Cutters allows LS-style springs to be used on traditional SBC heads.

Customer Spotlight: Ed Kiebler and his 1965 Chevelle

Ed Kiebler knew what he wanted. The Hot Rod Power Tour had caught his attention, and he could think of nothing better than a...

Z Is For Autocross: David Carroll Wheels An LS-Powered Datsun 280Z...

David Carroll drives a 1975 Datsun 280Z in autocross competition around California.

Bump It Up: The FAST Bump Stager Provides Improved Accuracy On...

The FAST Bump Stager provides improved staging accuracy in drag cars, especially those equipped with turbochargers.

Video: Celebrate COMP Cams’ 40th Anniversary

A new video celebrates COMP Cams' 40th anniversary with a look at the company's past, present and future by company owners Scooter Brothers and Ron Coleman.

Video: TCI EZ-TCU Transmission Controller Install Basics

The TCI EZ-TCU may seem complicated, but it actually is easy to set up and provides improved performance. Learn more in this video.

Video: COMP Cams #Techtips Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Billy Godbold of COMP Cams provides a variety of helpful tech tips related to preparing and installing hydraulic roller lifters.

Employee Spotlight – Jeff Reed

Jeff Reed is the do-it-all, go-to guy at TCI. If you've got a question about transmissions, he's the man with all the answers. Why...

FAST EZ-EFI Fuel 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L, 6-Cylinder Kits

Memphis, TN – The latest evolution of the entry level, self tuning Jeep EFI system from FAST maintains all of the functionality and ease...