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Camshaft Heat Treatment Explained

We’ve all heard the term, but have you ever wondered what that heat treatment actually looks like, or how it’s done? Well, you are in luck.

Top 10 Cam Failure Culprits

Cams, cams, cams.. While camshafts can and do “go out,” something other than a bad core more often than not is to blame. Below are 10 things to think about before calling foul on your cam.

Low Buck DIY: LT1 Adjustable Cam Gear

When upgrading our LT1 to an LS1-style ignition with the bolt-on kit from EFI Connection, we began installing our camshaft from COMP Cams with the factory cam gear.

Finding the Intake Lobe Centerline

Finding the Intake Lobe Centerline is essential to degree a camshaft, and it’s easy.

Finding Top Dead Center

Finding Top Dead Center on an engine is a four-step process made easy with a piston stop and a degree wheel.

All About That Base Circle

All you need to know about the base circle!

How To Swap An LS Cam

Richard Holdener recently hosted a step-by-step video on swapping a more potent COMP grind camshaft into a stock LS3 crate engine.

Better With Boost: LS Turbo Cam Swap

Even better, the cam swap netted an increase of over 100 hp on this turbo motor, and what turbo LS owner wouldn’t want an extra 100 hp?

Get Lopey Performance for Your Coyote with a COMP Cams® Thumpr™...

COMP Cams® Thumpr™camshaft series for 2011-14 and 2015-17 Ford Coyote 5.0L engines not only achieves an even more aggressive lope sound but also increases duration with optimized intake and exhaust lobes, offering un-compromised power gains in the mid to upper RPM range without the need to upgrade valve springs. 

Race Sound and Performance with COMP Cams® Thumpr™ NSR Cams for...

COMP Cams® Thumpr™ NSR Cams for Dodge Gen III/IV Hemi Engines deliver a race car sound and optimal performance in the mid and upper RPM range, with a quicker intake profile for more torque down low.