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FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System

The FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System brings the best-performing & simplest EFI option to boat engines.

Robert Pyne Drives His ’56 Chevy With Help From FAST EZ-EFI

This '56 Chevy sees nearly 15,000 miles per year on the road. FAST EZ-EFI delivers the fuel.

Driver, Engine Builder Dave Arce Talks EZ-EFI

Driver and engine builder Dave Arce recently spoke with Rob Klepper of MAVTV about being able to use the FAST EZ-EFI fuel system full-time -...

Which FAST EZ-EFI System Is Right For You?

Converting from a carbureted to electronic fuel injection system doesn't have to be hard thanks to FAST, especially when asking yourself the right questions. FAST's latest...

COMP Cams Camaro Progress Update!

Progress on the COMP Cams Camaro is underway! Kelle Oeste of V8 Speed & Resto brought her trusty car hauler out to COMP Cams and gave...

FAST Technology Explained Video: EFI Terminology

Memphis, TN – The latest video from FAST provides an overview of a variety of terms and phrases commonly associated with electronic fuel injection. As...