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FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System

The FAST EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System brings the best-performing & simplest EFI option to boat engines.

Bump It Up: The FAST Bump Stager Provides Improved Accuracy On...

The FAST Bump Stager provides improved staging accuracy in drag cars, especially those equipped with turbochargers.

Robert Pyne Drives His ’56 Chevy With Help From FAST EZ-EFI

This '56 Chevy sees nearly 15,000 miles per year on the road. FAST EZ-EFI delivers the fuel.

Video: COMP Cams #Techtips Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Billy Godbold of COMP Cams provides a variety of helpful tech tips related to preparing and installing hydraulic roller lifters.

Sarah Burgess is an Australian Abroad … and Off-Road

Australian Sarah Burgess competes in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series where she often spends time 15 feet off the ground. Her truck is powered by COMP Cams.

COMP Cams Camaro Progress Update!

Progress on the COMP Cams Camaro is underway! Kelle Oeste of V8 Speed & Resto brought her trusty car hauler out to COMP Cams and gave...

Clay Millican Visits COMP Cams

6-time IHRA Champion Clay Millican visits the COMP Cams headquarters in Memphis to inspire the Tech Support Staff and bench race.

COMP Cams Back To Basics Video: LS Valve Train Stability

Memphis, TN – In the latest installment of the Back to Basics video series, host Richard Holdener demonstrates how an LS valve spring upgrade...

COMP Cams Back To Basics Video: LS Cam Swap

Memphis, TN –In this Back to Basics Video, Xceleration Media host Richard Holdener demonstrates just how easy it is to install an aftermarket cam...