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The Mean Streets: FAST EFI Upgrade

How do you improve the output and drivability of your SBF? Just add the XFI Street EFI system!

Robert Pyne Drives His ’56 Chevy With Help From FAST EZ-EFI

A while back, a stellar crop of Tri-Five Chevrolets (’55 – ’57) visited COMP Performance Group world headquarters in Memphis for a quick morning coffee and tour.

FAST Tests XFI Sportsman in Lucas Oil Modified

Dave Arce is at the forefront of the electronic fuel injection revolution. The Southern California racer and proprietor of Arce Enginesin El Cajon has helped make FAST EZ-EFI a legal fuel delivery system in the Lucas Oil Modified Series.

EZ-EFI Fuel System Still Simple, In Demand

New technology often comes and goes, being replaced with the next latest and greatest advancement.  But, Fuel Air Spark Technology’s EZ-EFI Fuel system is...

Robert Pyne Drives His ’56 Chevy With Help From FAST EZ-EFI

This '56 Chevy sees nearly 15,000 miles per year on the road. FAST EZ-EFI delivers the fuel.

FAST EZ-EFI Fuel 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L, 6-Cylinder Kits

Memphis, TN – The latest evolution of the entry level, self tuning Jeep EFI system from FAST maintains all of the functionality and ease...

Driver, Engine Builder Dave Arce Talks EZ-EFI

Driver and engine builder Dave Arce recently spoke with Rob Klepper of MAVTV about being able to use the FAST EZ-EFI fuel system full-time -...

Which FAST EZ-EFI System Is Right For You?

Converting from a carbureted to electronic fuel injection system doesn't have to be hard thanks to FAST, especially when asking yourself the right questions. FAST's latest...

FAST XFI Sportsman Blow-Through Supercharger EFI System

Memphis, TN – Blow-through applications that are traditionally carbureted now have the option to utilize an EFI setup. The FAST XFI Sportsman Blow-Through Supercharger EFI...

FAST XFI Sportsman Roots Blower Dual Quad EFI System

Memphis, TN – A complete EFI kit for a 2 x 4 blower setup is now available in just one part number. The FAST XFI...