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All Dialed In: What is Tuning Worth?

Tuning is an important element when looking to maximize the power output of any combination, but what happens if you miss on the tune?

Speed Secrets: Getting 500-Horsepower Out of a Small Block Ford

Getting 500-horsepower out of a Small Block Ford is not as simple as it might seem. In this episode of Speed Secrets, Richard Holdener explains the exact formula to get your SBF to reach these numbers.  

COMP Cams Camaro Progress Update!

Progress on the COMP Cams Camaro is underway! Kelle Oeste of V8 Speed & Resto brought her trusty car hauler out to COMP Cams and gave...

Clay Millican Visits COMP Cams

6-time IHRA Champion Clay Millican visits the COMP Cams headquarters in Memphis to inspire the Tech Support Staff and bench race.