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COMP Cams® Race XD™ .904” Bushed Solid Roller Lifters for GM...

Race XD™ Bushed Solid Roller Lifters from COMP Cams® are premium lifters, proven to be the strongest, most durable and versatile roller...

Let’s Talk Torque: LS Truck Upgrades

We all know a cam is the go-to upgrade for any LS, but for truck guys, mild is the new wild, especially when you combine it with a cheap set of cylinder heads!

Low Buck DIY: LS Springs on LT1 Heads for More Lift

Modifying heads to accommodate higher valve lift can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little knowledge and the right tools, it can be done by most people who know their way around a tool box.

Can EFI Make Saturday Night Racing More Affordable?

Dave Arce has put together a race engine from junkyard parts and an off-the-shelf efi system that is standing toe-to-toe with custom built race engines.

How To Swap An LS Cam

Richard Holdener recently hosted a step-by-step video on swapping a more potent COMP grind camshaft into a stock LS3 crate engine.

Low Shock Technology in Your LS Camshaft

To get you around all of that wasted time, money, and effort, the genius engineers at COMP Cams® have created COMP Cams® LST™ Camshaft Packages for GM LS engines.

Complete Gasket and Hardware Cam Install Kits for LS Engines

COMP Cams® Cam Install Kits are the most complete gasket and hardware solution and are available for LS, LS9, Single-Bolt LS with and without VVT or AFM and LT1/LT4 engines.

Valve Spring Upgrade for Your LS6 Cam Swap

Cams® has got you covered with their COMP Cams® Beehive™ LS6+ Valve Springs for GM LS Engines.

Speed Secrets: What’s So Great About the FAST LSXR Intake?

When GM designed the LS1 engine, they didn’t give it an intake to do it justice. Thankfully, FAST came up with a solution. Richard Holdener explains the magic behind the LSXR intake in this episode of Speed Secrets.

COMP Cams® Billet Valve Covers for GM LS Race Applications

COMP Cams® Billet Valve Covers for GM LS Race Applications are a sleek, high-quality billet aluminum valve cover.