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TCI® Outlaw-X™ Shifters

The TCI® Outlaw-X™ Shifter is compact with patented gate plate technology designed for street and race use.

TCI® Outlaw™ Off-Road Shifters

Readily access reverse or rapidly rock between first and reverse with the TCI® Outlaw Off-Road Shifter.

TCI® Triple-Disc, Bolt-Together Torque Converter for GM 4L80E Applications

The TCI ® Triple-Disc, Bolt-Together Torque Converter for GM 4L80E offers DIY service & WOT lock-up in high-HP engines.

TCI® Wireless EZ-TCU™

TCI® Wireless EZ-TCU makes it even easier to control your transmission and even remotely disable it to prevent auto theft.

COMP After Hours: Loophole Monte Carlo Gets Diablo Shifter

While building our “Loophole Monte Carlo” for an indexed class, we knew the column shifter had to go. Enter the new Diablo shifter from TCI Automotive.

Customer Spotlight: Ed Kiebler and his 1965 Chevelle

Ed Kiebler knew what he wanted. The Hot Rod Power Tour had caught his attention, and he could think of nothing better than a rolling vacation with his car buddies.

TCI EZ-TCU Transmission Controller Install Basics

The EZ-TCU from TCI allows for maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness and shift speed when using a computer-controlled transmission.

TCI® Steel Transmission Crossmembers

TCI® steel crossmembers are an easy bolt-on for increased transmission support in high-performance applications.

High-Performance Transmission Support with TCI® Steel Transmission Crossmembers

TCI® Steel Transmission Crossmembers give you the best option for bolt-on transmission support.

Ultimate Transmission Control with TCI® TCU 2.0™

When you need better control over your transmission, TCI® TCU 2.0™ offers you the best transmission programming and a high level of versatility from your laptop.