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COMP Cams® .515” Lift Valve Spring Kit for Ford 6.0L/6.4L Power...

COMP Cams® introduces a premium valve spring kit for Ford 6.0L/6.4L Power Stroke engines that handles aggressive cams up to .515" lift and much higher boost pressures and RPM than factory valve springs.

COMP Cams® HRT™ Cam Packages for Turbo & Supercharged Dodge Gen...

COMP Cams® HRT™ Cam Packages for Turbo and Supercharged Dodge Gen III HEMI Applications take the guesswork out of choosing the right valve train upgrade package for your specific engine and desired performance.

Top 10 Cam Failure Culprits

Cams, cams, cams.. While camshafts can and do “go out,” something other than a bad core more often than not is to blame. Below are 10 things to think about before calling foul on your cam.

Video: Celebrate COMP Cams’ 40th Anniversary

A new video celebrates COMP Cams' 40th anniversary with a look at the company's past, present and future by company owners Scooter Brothers and Ron Coleman.

Video: COMP Cams #Techtips Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Billy Godbold of COMP Cams provides a variety of helpful tech tips related to preparing and installing hydraulic roller lifters.

COMP Cams Back To Basics Video: LS Valve Train Stability

Memphis, TN – In the latest installment of the Back to Basics video series, host Richard Holdener demonstrates how an LS valve spring upgrade...

COMP Cams Back To Basics Video: LS Cam Swap

Memphis, TN –In this Back to Basics Video, Xceleration Media host Richard Holdener demonstrates just how easy it is to install an aftermarket cam...

Lamar Walden Has Been With COMP Cams From The Beginning

Lamar Walden has built a career out of building engines. Lamar Walden Automotive, based in Doraville, GA, has been in business since 1968. Billed...