TCI Driveline University Video: Street Rods & Torque Converters

Ashland, MS – The newest Driveline University Video from TCI helps street rodders choose the proper high-stall torque converter to go along with their performance camshaft.

Street rodders want their vehicles to sound and perform as nice as they look. While many rodders use a performance cam, too often they do not match it with the proper torque converter. In this video, host Lauren Rosado dispels the notion that using a high-stall speed converter will equal poor driving characteristics. What’s more, not using one of these torque converters with an aggressive-idle cam can cause permanent driveline damage. This video describes the benefits of a perfectly matched cam and converter, while also providing step-by-step converter ordering instructions. All videos from TCI and the rest of the COMP Performance Group family are available at

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 DrivelineU TCIVideo: Driveline University: Street Rods & Torque Converters

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