TCI® Externally Balanced Small Block Ford to GM Transmission Adapter Flexplates

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Ashland, MS – With the new TCI® Ford to GM Adapter Flexplates, it is now possible to use a GM transmission on a Small Block Ford engine.

TCI® now offers two new Ford to GM adapter flexplate options for externally balanced Small Block Fords – a 28 oz. and 50 oz. version. These flexplates are a simple bolt-on to a Small Block Ford engine but allow the use of a GM transmission and torque converter when using adapter kits or adapter transmissions, such as the TCI® 4x and 6x kits featuring this flexplate. These flexplates feature a built-in pilot adapter, which takes away some of the complication of the conversion process. Due to the fact that the torque converter must line up to the crankshaft as well as the flexplate itself, TCI® has engineered these flexplates to have the correct pilot alignment, as well as a dual bolt pattern to fit on both 10.75 or 11.5-inch patterns. Therefore, the installation process has been made as simple as bolting up stock components. 

TCI® flexplates are precision CNC-machined parts. Each flexplate is Blanchard ground for flatness, then checked for runout, balance, and bolt-hole location on a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM). In addition, these premium flexplates are black E-coated for corrosion resistance, a much higher quality finish than traditional paint. 

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When TCI® opened its doors in 1968, it was a modest operation dedicated to delivering high performance transmission-related parts to a small group of drag racers. From those humble beginnings in Memphis, TN, TCI® has grown to be one of the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of high performance aftermarket drivetrain products. Now located in Ashland, MS, some 45 miles from parent company the COMP Performance Group™, TCI® continues to set trends and expand its line of quality transmission, torque converter and accessory parts.

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