TCI Outlaw Shifter Updated, Available Black

Ashland, MS – The newest shifter from TCI retains all of the benefits of the popular original Outlaw version, and it is now available in a sleek, black design.

611623-BLTotal and accurate control of transmission gear selection is critical when choosing the right shifter for your vehicle. The TCI Outlaw Blackout Shifter is rugged enough to handle both street and race duty, while featuring looks to complement the interior of any car or truck.

This new version of the Outlaw features a powder-coated cover and e-coated handle, both of which received laser-etched logos. The powder-coated cover also offers quick-release capability. The shifter is in compliance with NHRA/IHRA reverse lock-out regulations. In addition, it features a Park/Neutral safety switch, along with provisions for a reverse-light system. The contoured-handle shifter is comfortable, easy-to-use and installation is a snap. A cable and all hardware needed for proper installation are included.

An optional, integrated two-button design allows for electronic shifting when used in conjunction with the TCI EZ-TCU. Integrating the buttons into the shifter handle eliminates the hassle of running wires or spiral cords from the steering wheel for push-button activation. The durable, military-grade buttons ensure reliable engagement, allowing for consistent gear changes. The dual buttons can also be used for transbrake, line lock and nitrous activation.

The TCI Outlaw Blackout Shifter is designed for GM’s venerable Powerglide transmission and the TCI 6x Six-Speed, as well as the most popular GM, Ford and Chrysler three- and four-speed transmissions. Optional three-speed reverse pattern gate plates are also available.


Quick Facts

Product: TCI Outlaw Blackout Shifter

Part Number: Application Specific (See Chart)

Street Price: $349.75$557.25 

Social Media Pitch: The new TCI Outlaw Blackout Shifter is rugged enough for street or race use & features stunning looks perfect for any vehicle

Features & Benefits:

  • Rugged construction is perfect for street or race use & is in compliance w/ NHRA/IHRA lock-out regulations
  • Entirely black design looks great in any vehicle
  • All hardware required for hassle-free installation
  • Integrated two-button design improves shifting & can also be used for transbrake or nitrous activation
  • Available for GM Powerglide & TCI 6x-Six Speed Transmissions, plus most popular GM, Ford & Chrysler 3- & 4-speed transmission options

View the PDF: TCI Outlaw Blackout Shifter