TCI Product Spotlight Video: Max Shift Transmission Fluids

Ashland, MS – The newest video from TCI provides viewers with an overview of the features and benefits of the brand’s five Max Shift™ Transmission Fluid options.

In this video, shot on location at the TCI world headquarters in Ashland, Mississippi, COMP Performance Group™ host Lauren Rosado details each specially formulated TCI Max Shift™ Transmission Fluid. The full line includes Max Shift™ Street, Synthetic, Race, Circle Track and Break-In. The video covers each blend, with specifics about the oil’s makeup and ideal application appearing both on the screen and in the narration. Complete with a variety of behind-the-scenes images, this three-minute video helps viewers understand why TCI fluids are the best option for efficiency and protection. All videos from TCI and the rest of the COMP Performance Group™ family are available at

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Product Spotlight Video: TCI Max Shift™ Transmission Fluids

Social Media Pitch: This TCI Product Spotlight Video gives viewers an overview of all 5 Max Shift™ Transmission Fluid blends; watch at:



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