TCI Product Spotlight Video: Transmission Coolers & Electric Fans

Ashland, MS – The latest video from TCI provides the viewer with some tips on getting the most from their TCI cooling products.

In this video, shot on location at the TCI world headquarters in Ashland, Mississippi, Will Vance from TCI Automotive talks about some cooling products and helpful tech tips that will keep viewers’ transmissions operating properly. When transmission temperatures go above normal operating temps this can lead to a premature transmission failure. Will gives the viewer a quick overview of TCI Transmission Coolers and Electric Fans to ensure optimum efficiency. He then goes on to offer some helpful tips and suggestions on where to properly mount a cooler and fan for peak performance. All videos from TCI and the rest of the COMP Performance Group family are available at

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Product Spotlight Video: TCI Transmission Coolers & Electric Fans

Social Media Pitch: This TCI Product Spotlight Video provides viewers with tech tips and transmission cooling products; watch at:


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