TCI Quick Tech Video: Transmission Installation Tips

Ashland, MS – The latest Quick Tech Video from TCI offers a variety of simple tips to keep in mind when installing a transmission.

Transmission Installation TipsSince transmission installation is never a direct bolt-in, the staff at TCI has come up with a new video featuring a few easy, but helpful tips to ensure that the process goes smoothly the first time. TCI Product Manager Scott Miller and technical expert Will Vance both appear on-screen during the three-minute video to provide advice and how-to demonstrations.

Topics range from how to properly measure a transmission and make correct adjustments, to reminders such as the benefits of reading the instructions and cleaning parts before installation. The video serves to remove many of the headaches associated with working on transmissions and other parts of the drivetrain. All videos from TCI and the COMP Performance Group family are available at

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Product: TCI Quick Tech Video: Transmission Installation Tips

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