Things Roundy Racers Say…

Round and round they go! What’s that announcer saying? Only race fans know!

If you’ve spent any time at a track or watching racing, you know the language can be as colorful as the cars themselves. On a bet, we rounded up some racing-related jargon to share. Did we leave any out? Comment below.

Also keep an eye out for our upcoming video with even more terms.

The Track & Conditions:

In the Bull Ring = At the track

It’s blue grooved = A track surface that has accumulated rubber that helps the tires grip.

It’s taking rubber = A track surface that has been packed and smoothed enough to start holding rubber from the tires.

In the marbles = Area outside of the groove where debris and spent tire rubber collect. This loose condition negatively affects traction.

High and Dry = When a racer is pushed up out of the groove and to the outer, or top, of the track. Traction isn’t good, it’s not the short way around the track, and they usually get passed by other cars.

The Heat of Competition

Up on the bars = The suspension is picking the car up under power and pushing it up on the rear suspension bars. This is optimal for traction and acceleration.

Hooked the corner = Efficiently went the other direction.

Back marker = Last car in the field.

Bottom feeding = Riding down low to pass other cars.

Got him with a slide job = A pass made in a power slide.

Crashing and Trouble

Stepped on it = Did something to break the engine.

Tangled up = Two or more cars in a crash.

Got dumped = Wrecked by another competitor.

Wadded it up = Crashed.

Stuffed it in the fence = Crashed into the fence.

This is Part 1 of a series by Brandon Flannery featuring things racers say.